Real Estate Startup


Start a real estate company to begin buy, manage, and sell properties in Northeast Ohio.  They will use their own capital and outside investors to fund the property purchases.

  • Basic knowledge about buying and selling real estate in India
  • A desire to build wealth and eventually move full time to a real estate business
  • Personal capital to fund initial startup expenses and buy their first property to get started
  • Helped them navigate various legal issues surrounding immigration law to ensure they are compliant with the law and can legally move forward with their business
  • Helped organize the various parts into a cohesive and organized strategy for launching
  • Helped articulate the value proposition and the opportunity they hoped to pursue
  • Designed a market research strategy for identifying real estate opportunities
  • Created a financial model for assessing the profitability of real estate opportunities
  • Organized an operating plan for managing their properties and tracking expenses
  • Introduced them to a wide network of real estate experts in Northeast Ohio