Higher Education Software Startup


Create a sales management simulation software to be used in higher education sales classes. Will be sold to professors but paid for by students (similarly to buying a textbook for a class).

  • Tenured sales management professor from a prominent university who identified the problem while using other sales management simulation software in his classes
  • A network of sales professors at various colleges and universities across the country
  • Market validation from hundreds of professors and students on the software idea
  • Personal capital to help fund the initial expenses needed for startup
  • Helped organize the various parts into a cohesive and organized strategy for launching
  • Helped articulate the value proposition and the opportunity they hoped to pursue
  • Designed the software product and specs to be given to software developers
  • Hired and managed the software development team to complete the product
  • Wrote a pro forma business plan to ensure the internal strategy was clear, and all stakeholders agreed upon a cohesive plan for launching the business
  • Wrote an operating agreement for the business to be executed by various partners